My Natural Hair Journey…


First, let me say I have been natural my whole life never had a perm, not even once. My mother was and is all for natural beauty, she was against perm and firmly believed God has gifted me with everything I need, concerning my outward appearance. But as a young girl I have always wanted a perm…why? Because EVERYONE was getting them! I just wanted to have straight hair because I thought it would make me look better. I wanted it sooooooo badly because frankly, I was tired of my mom bringing out the grease! I was tired of the barrettes, the neck breaking, and that rusty old chair! I wanted to be like and look like everyone else so I can be “cool”. Since relaxers where banned in my house, I had to deal with my natural hair so in the summer of 2012 I began to put my hair in mini twists. I did not really establish a regimen or have any products to moisturize my hair; no YouTube channels like Naptural85 or CurlyNikki to help me so I was going in blind! I began to continue with different hair styles like twist outs, bantu knots, etc.

2016-06-26 01.53.42

After so much experimenting, the less I cared about having a relaxer! I did not even know I had curls it was a whole new experience for me! Eventually, I began to shamelessly rock my fro and would not care who is looking! Sadly, there was a downfall….


I grew tired of my hair so, in my ignorance, I just kept pulling out that Conair Infniti Pro ( a fancy flat iron). Don’t get me wrong it looked nice but I sure suffered from the consequences, just look at the horror!

FullSizeRender (1)

In the above picture you can see how severe this damage was..I still had some of my curls but there was still damage! I went from beautiful bouncy curls to lifeless strands..

2016-06-26 02.38.37

Do you see those ends?! So my best solution was to cut it off and I did. Since then, my hair has been healthy and has been growing out beautifully!

After a few years I can honestly say that I now understand my hair and what it needs. I have gained confidence with it but I still have a ton of learning to do and I can’t wait to try new things! So far I have tried a few different styles but have focused more on “perfecting” basics ones like twistouts and braidouts. Here are a few different styles I have tried within the past year!


I am grateful for this journey and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead! There have been a lot of ups and downs but quitting is not an option! Well, you’ve heard enough about me, I want to hear about your journey! Leave a comment below and I would love to hear about some things you’ve experienced!


– Naptastic Coils!




2 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey…

  1. Niceeee. I guess I have carried permed hair for so long, now am in love with natural hair. For me I got tired of going to the salon, applying relaxer every month, my cousin looked at me one day after being so hair stressed and referred me to speak with a natural hair specialist, @GHlonghair is her YouTube handle. After the 2 hour meeting, I can out better informed and resolved against perming my hair. That was last year August, few months ago I cut it all off, starting from the beginning, honestly nothing feels better than carrying my own natural hair, and running cold water on it every morning, I feel so much better. If I feel like a straight hair, I will just wear a wig😀

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