3 Benefits of Protective Styling


1. Length and Growth Retention

When your hair is in a protective style ( box braids, crochet braids, twists, sew-in, etc.) it is left untouched unless you need to wash it or massage your scalp with an oil of your choice. There is no combing and or harsh brushing so when it is left in this style you are retaining a ton of growth! Also, keeping your strands and the ends of your hair protected for a period of time prevents breakage. However, most of us natural sisters may tend to forget to take care of our hair underneath the protective style and neglect it. This stunts our growth and length retention so it is important to remember we will only reap the benefits if we nurture our hair and scalp.

FB_IMG_1465371246273 (1)

2. Low Manipulation

Wearing protective styles puts less stress on your hair and scalp. However, if your braids/twists are too tight then you risk losing your hair and possibly an irritable scalp condition (for example, Traction Alopecia). When your hair is protected and tucked away, there won’t be any daily stresses of detangling so you won’t be manipulating your strands as much as you would if your hair was out.



3. Vacation Time 😀

I call this vacation time because your hair is literally on vacation! You are giving your hair a break but the most enjoyable part is you get a break too! You no longer have to go through those 8 hour wash days and your hands are kept of your hair and you have much more time on your hands. Isn’t that great?!

I hope these 3 benefits will encourage you to do more protective styles! Leave a comment below if you have any questions and let me know what you like about protective styling! Happy growing!! 🙂


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