The Heart of the Father 

Hello Lovelies, hope all is well!

Today I want share with you a life changing experience I had exactly a week ago. I had the pleasure of going to an awesome retreat that gave me a new outlook on life! Guys when I tell you my life is forever changed…IT REALLY IS! The encounter I had with God individually and collectively with everyone else who came, was amazing! I understood what it meant to have the heart of the Father just like Jesus does. I didn’t even realize I had put God in a box and allowed myself to truly believe He couldn’t do anything for me. I had so many walls built up and to be completely honest…I really did not want to go. Yeah I know you’re thinking, “how could you not want to go?”. I just was not motivated and again I just didn’t think anything in my life would be different if I went. I was 100% wrong! Thank God I didn’t miss out on it because who knows where I would’ve been!

“I can honestly say my life has been changed forever. “

No, I am not perfect. Yes, I am sinner but guess what? My Heavenly Father loves me any way and He loves you too! There’s no sin too great for Him, no one too “dirty” for Him to save. His grace and mercies are new each day you just have to be willing to repent and receive it!

Not only did I rekindle my relationship with God, but I also had the pleasure of meeting new people, spending time with them, and having fun with people I already knew! I’ve seen so many beautiful faces and had many laughs with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am grateful for the TTAOG Youth Ministry and blessed to be apart of this ministry! I was truly blessed!


P.S. I attempted to do a flat twist out but it did not dry so it became a wash and go and still turned out great 😀

Wished you could have gone? No worries! This is an annual retreat so I’ll definitely keep you all updated when the next one comes..start saving! See you there 😉



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