Hair Update!

Hey Loves! First and foremost I have to say…I LOVE JESUS! He’s just been so good! I’m sorry it has been a couple of weeks; I just had to prioritize some things in my life and that required me to take some time off. However, I am back and better! Winter is quickly approaching and I already had to make adjustments to my hair regimen. Basically, I have been doing the same thing but I just wanted to put more effort. Protective styling has been very important lately because it is too cold for me to wear wash n go’s, twist-outs, braid-outs, etc. So I have been experimenting with different protective styles and plan to do more! If you know me, I really cant stand weave. It looks good when I put it in and I like the style but I cant keep it in my hair for long; it just annoys me, I don’t know why! So this week I have been rocking this turban/scarf that I got from Five & Below for yess..$5! I have been wearing my hair in 10-15 two strand twists. To protect my hair from the cotton on the scarf, I wear either my satin silk bonnet or scarf.

I plan to do this for the entire week and next week I will probably do a low bun or maybe I will find a new style to rock. YouTube is a HUGE help for finding new and creative hairstyles and its perfect for me because I enjoy switching it up and wearing various styles.

Also, I had the great pleasure of joining a year long hair journey with the beautiful Jessica Lewis, Mahogany Curls on YouTube. This journey started off with a good trim so I did trim my hair because during this journey cutting is not allowed! Also heat is restricted so that means…no heat for ONE YEAR. It is going to be tough and it is going to be a long journey but it will be worth it! Jessica created a Facebook Group page to keep track of our journey and there are almost 10,000 naturalistas in this group! There are so many helpful posts about hair growth, suggestions, tips, styles, etc. Unfortunately, the group is closed, but I will keep you guys updated and will share some of the things I learn from my curls friends on there.

With that being said lets not forget to take care of our hair this season! Here are three things you should remember to do to bring your strands back to life:

  1. Protective Style! Keep your ends tucked away from this cold harsh weather!
  2. Deep Conditioner at least once a week to retain moisture and keep your hydrated throughout the week
  3. Do Hot Oil Treatments to increase shine and decrease the amount of shedding hair.

Also, please understand that your hair is not everything in the world. Please do not idolize your hair, it will grow and it will be healthy! So cheers to happy growing and may you receive an unexpected and rapid amount of hair growth this winter in the name of Jesus! God bless curl friends and see you next time!



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