Protective Styling 101: Crochet Braids

Hey loves! It’s winter and you know what that means…its protective styling season! I really needed to give my hair a break so I decided to install some crochet braids because I cant stand sew ins and or braids so I felt I was better off getting a style where my scalp was easily accessible. Maintaining this style was very easy in my opinion but it did not have much versatility. I did not actually buy this hair it was given to me by my cousin but I will leave all the details towards the end. Below I will answer the many questions I received while wearing this hair.

How did you install the hair and which braiding pattern did you use?

I did about 8-10 cornrows straight back. I did not do anything special, I can barely braid my hair down lol. I did the simply crochet method, I attempted the invisible part but it was not working for me and I got really lazy so I did not feel like doing anything crazy

How did you keep your scalp and hair moisturized underneath? Did you wash your hair?

I used three different products to keep my hair moisturized and they are Tropic Isle’s Leave In Conditioner and Castor Oil and The Mane Choice Growth Oil. I would only moisturize weekly to prevent product build up and use the Castor Oil on my edges. I cowashed the hair once but did not wash my own hair.


How did you maintain it at night?

I wore a pineapple with a silk satin scarf every night but I did have my lazy days :/


How long did you keep this style?

I kept the hair in for 4 weeks.

What kind of hair did you use?

Below is an image the the hair I used and believe mine was 14 inches.


Did it get matted and tangled?

Yes of course it did because it is synthetic hair. However it still looked very good after a couple weeks and it looked more like natural kinky hair as it got older. Below is a comparison from the first and last week of me wearing this hair.

img_3858    IMG_3860.JPG

First Week                  Fourth Week

Would you ever buy it?

YES!! Luckily I still have some left 😀

Overall this hair is great for crochet braids even though it lacks versatility (depending on your braiding pattern), it is very easy to maintain and install. I give this hair five stars! Try it out and let me know how it works for you! 🙂

-Naptastic Coils


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