The Reality of Natural Hair


On this very wash day, I am going to give my hair the love and moisture that it needs. I have all these treatments planned in my head and I cannot wait to try them out. I’m going to do an ACV rinse, co wash my hair, then deep condition for only 30 minutes and doing a poppin twist out!

Ok, my hair is now washed and on to deep conditioning! 😀

3 hours later….

Well I think its about time I rinse this deep conditioner out, its getting really hot and it feels disgusting!

Hair is rinsed! Now time to use the LOC Method and do a BOMB twist out! Excited!!

Next day….

*unties scarf*

These curls are about to be so fly, may hair is so moisturized and clean!

*takes twists out & separates*

My hair isn’t fully dry! There’s so much frizz and I don’t know how to fix it! Well, I’m just going to put it in a high puff. All that time for nothing 😦

The reality of natural hair is that things aren’t always going to work out. That low sleek bun is not going to look exactly like the one you saw on YouTube. Your bantu knots are not going to look the same as hers. Why? Because your hair is different. Everybody’s hair is different. This is why it is important to find what works for you! I have a couple friends that do things differently than I do when it comes to growing hair and that is completely okay. I can only offer what works for me and hope that it works for you too! That is why I am so open to trying new styles, growth hacks, crazy DIY’S, etc! An important part in your natural hair journey is finding what works best for your hair and you will see GREAT results. Moral of the story is, don’t follow someone else’s regimen if it isn’t working for you. It’s all about trial and error! So if you really want to have healthy hair, you have to be able to know what does and does not work for your hair and that knowledge comes from experimenting! I hope this encourages you to be bold and step out of your comfort zone. Not only with your hair but in life too!

-Naptastic Coils

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