Embrace Yourself

There is a time where every young lady should be in-tuned with their inner self. Seeking and gaining self-confidence, self-love, and serenity should be every girl’s aspiration when it comes to pursing their own embracement journey. I’ve learned things in a difficult manner over the years of high school into college. I let social media and those around me dictate how I should feel inside because of what people say is goals, acceptable, right or wrong, and/or what’s a “baddie.” Once I became in-tuned with myself, I did not let what social media or what those around me say make me conform to the basic norm.

I had a difficult time when it came to being natural. I started transitioning my sophomore of high school because of my basketball coach haircut was dope and her style was everything! My classmates were simple minded individuals when I came to school with my fro sitting high or with my curls showing. One of my classmates would always say, “I didn’t know big worm went here.” They didn’t know how much that ate at my skin while sitting in class but I didn’t let it bring me down so I made jokes about it myself or quoted scenes from Friday. As you can see, I made every mean joke into something humorous and didn’t people see me down and that is what every young soul must learn when dealing with society that do not understand the revolution of naturals, full-figured women, and those that embrace their beauty.

#EmbraceYourself is something that I hold something dear and serious to my heart. Why? Because one day I was asked, “Did you forget to do your hair?” Mind you that I am in college and in the workplace! Since I was asked that, I created a website for a class project that got a lot of recognition and then changed it to a blog for everyone to read my story as well as others – embracers! On the mark of the day the question was asked, June 13th, I will promote naturals to post pictures of themselves using the hashtag #DidYouForgetToDoYourHair. Sounds exciting? Yes, it does!

To whom may be reading, I want you to embrace every aspect about yourself rather if it’s your skin, hair, body, beauty, height, weight, and/or any deformities – it’s for you to love yourself and embrace yourself! So, go and start your own embracement journey, but be mindful that every journey will not be the same, so make it into your own.

-Brianna May


Blog: embracementjourney.wordpress.com

Instagram: @ annamayi

Snapchat: @callmeannamay

Twiiter: @ annamayi_


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