Hey curlfriends! I know it has been a while but I finally have my life. My finals are over and I’m back home for the summer; I am freeeeeeee! I have sooo many exciting things to share with you and so many new things coming to you guys! Thank you for all who have been patient because that end of semester struggle is no joke! 
Lately I have been keeping my hands out of my hair by wearing Crochet Braids again. I really enjoying wearing them because they’re so easy and low maintenance plus the older it gets the better it looks! I have been moisturizing my scalp day and night with ORS DHT Blocker Root Lifter spray which promotes healthy growth by stimulating the hair follicles, and my DIY Hair Growth Oil. It’s almost a month since I had these in but I think I am going to take this out and reuse some crochet twists as another protective style. I want to let my hair out this summer but a part of me just wants to keep it away because the growth is real!! I’ll probably wear my hair out anyway and come up with a summer hair care routine.
Thank you loves for being patient with me, see you on the next post! 
-Naptastic Coils ❤️
Have you come up with a summer hair care routine? If so, what is it? Comment below! 


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