Best Product Combo for a Twistout 

Hi loves! I’m back with another post and I wanted to show you all the PERFECT combination for a bomb twisout! This worked so well for me and I’m so glad I tried it! The two products I used were Creme of Nature’s Curl Activator Creme and Shea Moisture’s JBCO Leave in Conditioner. I used these products on freshly washed and detangled hair and parted them into sections. After that I did about 12 twists on my hair and then left those twists in for about 2 days. 


Moisture: My hair was moisturized up until my wash day (so that was about 7 days) and it felt extremely soft the whole time! I honestly didn’t even need to wash my hair I just felt I needed a refresher.

Definition: My curls were VERY defined. There was no need for me to retwist through the week.

Residue: There were no residue or flakes when using these products together.


Drying Time: The products used were heavy so it took a while to dry which I didn’t mind much since I left the twists in for two days

Cost: The Shea Moisture Leave In is a bit pricey so I only use a small amount to make it last longer.

Overall this mixture left my hair feeling very soft and moisturized. I’m pleased to the point where I have decided to continue to use this combo for my twist outs for now on. If you’re looking for a product combo for your next style, try this one! 

What are your favorite mixtures? Leave a comment below!

-Naptastic Coils 💜


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