Summer 2017- Hair Goals

Hello beauts! Now that summer is here I wanted to share with you my hair goals for the summer. I have already started a few of these and I hope this will inspire you to set a couple goals as well.

First, in order for one to set a goal, the person must identify what they are lacking and why. For example, I know I struggle with single strand knots, thin edges, and I am recovering from breakage around my crown. I absolutely love when my hair is extremely curly and defined. So I like wash and go’s, first day twisouts/braidouts, etc. These styles are very flattering however, they give me the most knots and tangles which then leads to single strand knots. My thin edges (which are growing very quickly now) are due to all the high puffs and updo’s that I used to wear and because I would always twirl them around my finger. This is also due to the breakage around my crown. See my hair is VERY thick and has great volume so that is why many people aren’t able to notice it, especially on social media. I was upset with this at first but then I realized its just hair and it will grow and voila! It actually does!

Okay, so I have pointed out my shortcomings and flaws and why they exist. Now I am ready to create some goals! I have only explained it this way for those of you who wish to create a list of goals yourself. In addition to these goals, I added a few things that does not directly deal with hair care, here it goes!

Summer 2017 Hair Goals

  • Fuller edges- DIY oil mixture, Organics Root Stimulator
  • Increased growth, especially at the crown
    • Overall length goal : Armpit length ( current length:  generally right below shoulders)
    • Scalp massages, CoWashing, Deep Conditioning every week
  • Low Manipulation Styles- keeping hair stretched with twistouts, braidouts, etc. instead of taking down after first day hair
  • New Styles- I really want to try these new Fulani/Alicia Keys braids!!
  • Natural Hair Events – CURLFEST 2017
  • Connect with more hair influencers

As you can see, my main goal this summer is health because healthy hair comes with longer hair. Thats what I have been focusing on and will continue focusing on and I will share all the wonderful results with you all along the way. Thank you for all the love you guys have shown; I truly appreciate each and every one of you for the support, it encourages me more than you’ll ever know! See you on the next post!

-Naptastic Coils ❤



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