Summer Time Fine: Fulani Braids ðŸŒ¸âœ¨

Hey kinky krew! So I took a risk with this new protective style because I really wanted to try something new! I believe these braids are called Fulani braids but some people say Alicia Keys braids. I am loving this style!! It’s perfect for the summertime and it’s very low maintenance. My mother did such a great job doing this! As I said before, I really just wanted to try something new, different, and somewhat afrocentric. At first I didn’t like this style at all because of my forehead is HUGE. However, after a couple of days it grew on me. I can’t wait till the soreness goes away so I can start doing updo’s!

My plan is to keep these in for a month and after the cornrows in the front starts looking old I am going to take them out and have my mother just do box braids on the front only since the back already has them and then hopefully I can keep those in for another month. So yes, my hair won’t be out for a while 😦

To aid in growth throughout this protective style I will be applying the Wild Hair Growth Oil on my scalp and massaging it every couple days or so. To moisturize the shaft of my hair I will just use the Not Your Mother’s Nature Royal Honey & Kalahari Desert Melon Leave-In Conditioner. I really want to keep my regimen really basic and simple because I am not going to have any time to focus on hair care for the remainder of the summer because of work, summer classes, etc. All in all, I hope this encourages you to try new and exciting styles! You can make this hair journey really fun by experimenting with something new so take a risk!

-Naptastic Coils ❤️

Which styles do you really want to try but are too scared because of how you will look? Leave a comment below!


9 thoughts on “Summer Time Fine: Fulani Braids ðŸŒ¸âœ¨

      1. I did it ! I braided my hair myself for my vacation and it came out great. It sill looks pretty good too even after swimming multiple times. I’ll have a post up with it tomorrow afternoon.

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