Essential Oils 101: What Are They?

The natural hair community is continuously finding new practices and methods to achieve healthy hair. Somehow, almost every year there is a trend. It is awesome because we have spent years hiding our hair and now that we are embracing it we are finding ways to take care of it and have fun with it too! With that being said, the topic for today is Essential Oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are natural oils that are extracted from a plant by distillation. As it is heated and cooled the result is a highly concentrated substance with the healing properties of the plant. Because of their healing properties, essential oils have been used throughout history for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. These are extremely beneficial but due to the high concentration, they have to be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to hair or skin.

Here is an informative video showing how these oils are extracted.


Yes, they have healing properties but what can it do for my hair and scalp? Which ones should I use?


Essential oils are not necessary for natural hair BUT it is beneficial and highly effective. If you are looking for ways to restore the health of your scalp and hair shaft I would test a couple of them and see how it works. There are many essential oils out there but there are a few that are most commonly used in the natural hair community.


Tea Tree Oil


If you’re suffering from scalp infections and ingrown hairs. This is the oil for you. Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties so it is very helpful for hair growth because it unclogs the pores and prevents dead skin cells from building up. This also works great for dandruff and eczema! 

Ylang Ylang Oil




Now I don’t know how to pronounce this one but this is some good stuff! Ylang Ylang oil helps to reduce inflammation in the scalp. It is pretty similar to Tea Tree Oil but one special feature Ylang Ylang oil has is that it helps to reduce cellular aging  and oxidative stress in the scalp. Also, if you’re having an issue with lice I would recommend adding this to your shampoo and conditioner. The oil penetrates the hair shaft and hair follicles and this repels the lice and further prevents the eggs from being attached to the shaft. 


Lavender Oil




Lavender Oil is one of the top essential oils. Its calming scent has been known to help with anxiety, stress, and respiratory problems. This oil provides nourishment and moisture to hair while preventing it from shedding. Also, it stimulates the hair follicles by improving blood circulation to the scalp which makes it a GREAT oil for hair growth! Plus I absolutely love the smell!


I hope you enjoyed this post! All of these oils can be purchased on Amazon and/or your local grocery store. A great website for these is, they sell them for the cheap! I was thinking of trying something new and making this a series for the month of August and then come up with a new series every month. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section! See you later curlfriends!

-NaptasticCoils 💚

Do you use essential oils for your hair? If so, which ones?

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Luke 12:7
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2 thoughts on “Essential Oils 101: What Are They?

  1. Awesome tips! I use essential oils in my home, but never thought to use them in my hair but makes sense! I love tea tree, lavender and lemon.

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