Senior Year!

Hello gals, long time no see!  Summer is over! I have actually been on campus for about three weeks but a lot has been going on because of the various positions I have at my university. I am currently a Student Ambassador and President of The Natural Hair Club at my school plus I’m taking 18 credits this semester and starting my internship this fall as well. So as you can hands are pretty full but I have not forgotten about you guys! I just needed to take some time off to focus on me and the things that I have to get done. I encourage you guys to do the same every now and then. It’s my senior year and I am extremely excited to finish because Lord knows undergrad is stressful!

With that being said, I want to let you all know that I do have some exciting things coming and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. I also have many intriguing posts and videos (NaptasticCoils *subscribe* ) for you guys but please be patient! It will be worth the wait 🙂

As far as my hair is concerned, I really have been keeping a low maintenance routine and y’all my hair has been flourishing. I’m just amazed at how such a simple routine can produce such great results. I haven’t been experimenting with products lately because I think I found what really works for me. I will try a new product here and there but sticking to what you know is as important as trying new things and finding what works for you. I hope your growth journey has been going well too! Feel free to post pics and comments so I can see how it’s going! À bientôt!



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