Keeping It Natural 🌱

Hi guys! Happy October!! I am excited for this new month of new opportunities, new blessings, new connections, and a whole bunch of new posts! I hope and pray all of you will take advantage of this new month and use it as a fresh clean slate. This year is not over yet you still have a couple months to achieve your goals, don’t give up!

Today I just wanted to share something that I have been working on with you all. As some of you may know I am in my senior of college pursuing a biology degree. Recently, I became the President of a natural hair club on campus called “Keeping It Natural”! I am extremely excited for this semester because my team and I have a lot of exciting ideas and concepts to share and bring forth. Last week we had our first Welcome Meeting and it was a HUGE success! The amount of people that came actually shocked me and I was so happy to see the interest they have in this club. Also, I was able to receive more than enough Mielle Organics samples for everyone! I contacted them and they definitely gave us more than we needed but I’m thankful for the time they took to ship them to us in such a short amount of time. Throughout this semester I plan on giving you all updates on the club and the activities that we are going to partake in so stay tuned! (maybe I will develop ideas for you guys too *hint hint*) Below are a couple pictures from the event.

-Naptastic Coils ❤

P.S. – Shout out to my VP Pascal!!


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