Ali Grace Bundles – Sew In with Leave Out

Hey curly heads! After not having one for a while, I decided to get a sew in but……I got have one with a leave out. I know you’re thinking ” What about heat damage?” “Omg she straightened her hair?!” “Heat is illegal!”. Listen, I knew the risk I was taking and am taking so don’t think I haven’t considered the consequences! Honestly, I got to a point where I was tired of my hair and really was struggling with maintaining it with such a busy schedule so I got to a point where I just did not care. Perhaps getting a closure was the better option but honestly, at the time, I didn’t want one! Do I regret it? Yes, of course. However, this is my hair journey and it is still a learning process for me and I do love experimenting and in this case, I got too excited. Best believe I’m going to get this hair back to health and in shape though!

Ok, on to the details of this hair. I purchased four bundles with the lengths 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches. The texture of this hair is Brazilian Body Wave and I bought it from Ali Grace Hair Extensions on the Aliexpress website. I received the package four days after purchasing and the total amounted to about $170. I was skeptical about the price because normally it would be significantly more expensive to purchase weave at these lengths. After receiving the hair and opening the package, I instantly noticed the smell. It this fresh out the pack hair smell, which wasn’t awful, it just caught me off guard. As soon as I felt the bundles I didn’t care about anything else! The hair is extremely soft and the shedding is easily manageable and not difficult to work with at all. I have had this hair in for two weeks now and the hair has been doing really well! The downfall is that it doesn’t seem to hold curls too well. When I straighten it it looks nice and sleek but since it is virgin hair, the hair naturally reverts to its natural texture.


The bundles could have been packaged better and more professionally but it wasn’t a big deal to me.



I feel like the lengths were a little too long on me. The 22 inch bundle felt like a 24 inch. It was TOO long! If it were any longer, I would have been sitting on it and that definitely wouldn’t be comfortable.




Overall Experience

I love this hair and it feels really nice but its just not for me. *shrugs*  I got tired of this hair quickly and I don’t really know how to maintain weave and it was just a lot of hair! I did want nice full bundles but this was overwhelming and going to sleep was a hassle every now and then. My last sew in was a year or two ago and I remember hating it so I’m not sure why I even got it in the first place but I do like the way it looks on me. It’s just not my cup of tea. Now, I did spend money on these bundles so I won’t be throwing them away. I am thinking about making it a wig and cutting it into a bob. If not, I’ll just give them to my sister.

Hope you enjoyed this review! Please don’t forget to try new things or revisit old styles in this hair journey and remember experimenting is fun but sticking to what works for your hair and makes you happy is awesome too! Until next time!

-NaptasticCoils ❤



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