Hey curlfriends, I have sad news.

I have HEAT DAMAGE! (well had) In my previous post, I spoke about my sew in with leave out and my experience with the bundles I purchased. As I stated before, I knew what I was doing and the risk I was taking at the time I just didn’t care. However, as a healthy advocate I know I had to cut it off so thats exactly what I did! I have dealt with heat damage before but I never cut it all off at once. I just don’t have time to deal with it so I let it go! I have a video of how it looks with the damage and will post how I look with the cut. There’s no major difference just the front is a little shorter.

Heat Damaged Hair 


Heat Damage Free 🙂

*I cut the front out my hair where the leave out was, so now I basically have really long bangs. Also, this is a twist out *

Tips for Heat Damaged Hair (Without Cutting)

  • Protein Treatments every 6 weeks
  • Protective Styling & Low Manipulation Styles
    • This will keep you hair from being even further damage and it will give time for your hair to grow with no manipulation
    • Mini twists, crochet buns, sleek buns, etc.
  • Stay away from the heat! I recommend the minimum 3 months with no heat. If you stick to it you will see a difference.

Where to go from here?

I am literally not using heat for a longggg time guys, it’s not even worth it to me. I definitely learned my lesson for the second time. From here, I am going to continue with my monthly protein treatments but I am really going to be on my protective styles. It’s getting cold and I don’t want my ends to be exposed during this time. I do have a different routine for the fall/winter and will be posting that soon. I’m just glad I made the decision to cut the damage off right away instead of holding on to the length.

Are you currently suffering from heat damage or have in the past? Tell me about your experience!

-Naptastic Coils



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