Fall 2017 x 2 0 1 8

Hi lovelies!

Hope all is well! School has been draining me like crazy. I honestly just can’t wait for this school year to be over so I can graduate and not look back! Lol I hope all college students are doing well and that your stress isn’t overtaking you like it has for me. It will be over soon! As you all know, this is my senior year and I made it known that I wouldn’t be posting as much because my academics are my priority right now. However, I am still open to helping you guys with anything you need, hair related or not. Now that I am on Christmas break I can get back into my regular routine for you guys.

As far as my hair routine for this season, I have been keeping it simple. I haven’t been wearing my hair out and have been wearing protective styles like crazy. Honestly, I feel like doing a year long protective style and see how that works out for me because I do not have time for my hair now and next year it will get worse. Actually, Jessica Lewis ( MahoganyCurls on Youtube) has a year long hair growth experiment challenge for 2018 and decided to join the group on Facebook. During this growth experiment challenge I will try my BEST to not leave my hair out and incorporate hair vitamins for one year and see how that works. I want to start off with a fresh cut and lately I’ve been wanting to go a little shorter this time. I don’t think the trims that I do myself are cutting it, I have to find a professional stylist. (If you’re in the Philly/Jersey area please let me know of any good stylists who have experience with natural hair.) Hopefully I can get it done by the last week of December and start off the new year fresh. Below is the style and shape I am looking for.


I like this style because of its volume & shape but I want my whole head to be the same length so I might go shorter than this. I can’t wait because I want a new healthy fresh start. I’ve always tried to do this on my own but I need to face my fear of going to a salon and start with a professional. Every time I attempt a cut or trim my single strand knots come back and my split ends get even worse so I’d rather do it the right way this time and build a strong foundation.

Because I will be getting my hair cut, I won’t be posting and hair routines until after I have it done. Don’t worry, I will let you guys in on every detail once it is done! The remainder of my posts for the year will include what I have been working on, participated in, and reflections/thoughts on certain topics. So stay tuned bellas, I hope I didn’t keep you guys waiting too long! See ya on the next post, xoxo.





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