Class of 2018

As of May 5, 2018 I am a college graduate from Eastern University with a Biology B.A. degree. I can’t begin to describe this feeling of achievement! There were so many lessons that I’ve learned, so many tears that i’ve cried, and so many friends that I’ve lost and gained. But throughout this whole transformation God has remained the same. He has granted me the opportunity to attend a university where I’m not seen as a minority or as any other student but a university where I am valued and understood. The amount of  grace and favor God has shown during this time is overwhelming. There were so many things that occurred in my life and His mercy and unfailing love has sustained me through it all. The feeling of closing this chapter is liberating and I can’t wait to see what the next will hold

Below are a few pictures:




Hair Updates!

This last spring semester was probably one of the hardest yet rewarding one I had yet. I had to take a pause on a few things in my life (including this blog) to ensure that I stay focused on getting that degree. Now that I have attained this goal, I am glad to be back yet again. As far as my hair, I have been keeping it in protective styles for a while. I’m trying to see if I can do a year of protective styling and see how that works for my hair. I will be updating you all during this time and show any progress that will be made.


Thank you for tuning in and stay tuned for the next blog post 🙂




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