She’s Naptastic!



I am Alesha “Aleshanokeys” Faulkner. I am  a social media content creator, brand Influencer, and full-time mom/wife from Memphis, TN who has made Nashville, TN, the Music City, my home. I have created an eclectic, successful social media brand that’s 2 parts natural hair, 2 parts makeup, and 1 part social issues, all humorously and humbly mixed in with the joys (and woes) of motherhood.

What makes you Naptastic?

I think being Naptastic means loving yourself, flaws and all. I have learned to embrace every aspect of my life, including my kinky, coily hair and as simple as that may sound, it is essential to being unapologetically me, which is my definition of Naptastic.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for almost 6 years now.

What inspired you to begin your hair journey?

I wanted to stop doing something that I knew wasn’t good for me (physically, mentally, or spiritually) just because it was what I was used to doing. So I broke the cycle and stopped relaxing my hair.

How has the natural hair community impacted you and what are your likes/dislikes about this community?

The natural hair community has helped me see that my hair is an extension of me at my most vulnerable, but it’s that vulnerability that makes me beautiful. I love the way we have built a bond and a sisterhood based on something that used to be used to hurt us. I dislike how that same bond can be used against us and separate us along the lines of ideas like “good hair”.

What advice do you have for anyone starting their healthy hair journey?

There is a such thing as hair lust. Try not to get caught up in it. Learn to love what God blessed you with and this journey will be so much more meaningful and enjoyable for you.

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